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Made With Pride in USA

The Company. The Products. The Vision.

Energy Kinetics is a family owned business and a trusted name in heating since the Marran family founded the company in 1979. The first energy crisis spurred our unwavering vision to cut fuel bills, save our precious natural resources, and make heat and hot water comfortable and affordable.

The technology we’ve developed leads the industry with whisper quiet operation while also providing more hot water. Our advanced design boilers and energy saving controls carry lifetime residential warranties and maximize available “off the shelf” components for years of reliable operation and peace of mind.

Delivering the best performance requires teamwork, and we think you’ll find the Energy Kinetics family of dealers consists of many of the best heating professionals in the industry. These great American contractors install and service the best…American made System 2000, 90+ Resolute, and Accel CS residential and commercial heat and hot water systems!

Call or contact us to find contractors that are a ready to help determine the right system for you and to make your heat and hot water system a success, and find out why so many business and home owners say “I love my System 2000!”

All Energy Kinetics’ heating systems are designed for use with conventional heat and hot water systems for homes, buildings, pools, spas, snow melt systems and more. They’re also fuel neutral and run on natural gas, propane and oil heat.

System 2000, 90+ Resolute™ and Accel CS™ Product Overview

Now you can upgrade your existing water heater and boiler, furnace or heat pump to a single high efficiency system engineered to deliver high performance and exceptional fuel efficiency and economy. System 200090+ Resolute, and Accel CS combine heat and hot water with a single high efficiency appliance to maximize efficiency in all seasons, with the additional benefits of virtually unlimited hot water and whisper quiet operation.


Science Behind System 2000 Saving up to 40% or More

Extraordinary efficiency is found in three central areas that are seamlessly integrated for peak performance:

1. Digital Energy Manager

  • Hybrid Energy Recovery® Cycle makes sure that no heat is left wasted in the boiler and helps save fuel dollars. This cycle, combined with the low mass spiral boiler design, means high mass idle losses are essentially eliminated.
  • Better efficiency and performance than “outdoor reset” systems.
  • Matches energy usage to exact requirements of your home or building.
  • Read more about the Digital Energy Manager

2. High Performance Domestic Hot Water System

  • Heavily insulated storage tank provides a ready supply of hot water.
  • Advanced technology stainless steel heat exchanger captures full boiler output for domestic hot water – recognized worldwide for most effective and efficient heat transfer.
  • Integrated design works seamlessly with the Digital Energy Manager to provide energy recovery and maximum efficiency.

3. Unique, Patented Spiral Boiler Design

  • Low Mass design heats quickly and recovers energy at the end of the heating and hot water cycles, eliminating idle losses found in all other boilers. In other words, this unique boiler only runs when you need it.
  • No pins, baffles, or “micro passages” to foul and reduce efficiency.
  • Specially formulated steel boiler is a gasketless one-piece construction designed to last the life of your home or building.
  • Outside combustion air connection –  eliminates drafts and doesn’t steal heated air from your home.

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