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Heating Oil Products

Heating oil has been a very common fuel in keeping your homes, farms, and business warm and comfortable, while complying with needed industry safety standards.

There are constant new advancements that make oil a cleaner fuel, with reduced emissions and maintenance costs. Heating oil often contains additives that help preserve the fuel while in storage and simultaneously help it burn better.

Heating oil is not normally flammable, although it produces more heat than any other liquid or gas product in the industry and is very reasonably-priced in New York State. Coupled with new heating units, efficiency is greatly increased, and, as a result, consumption is decreased. That means you burn less heating oil and get more heat from it than in the past.

Today's heating oil burns clean, is non-toxic, odorless and does not produce a foul smell or any soot in the environment. Because it is clean, it is environmentally-friendly, so there are no federal regulations against using it.

Supplies of heating oil are readily-available. This means that you don't have to worry about your heating oil needs.